1.1. Contribution Manager’s Guide

1.1.1. Contribution Manager

The Contribution Mananager is responsible for managing the information in a contribution. Your are given contribution management access by either the Conference Manager, Session Manager, the existing Contribution Manager and possibly the Session Co-ordinator.

You can access your contribution by selecting My contributions under My conference in the left menu in the event home page. You will see a list of your contributions. To access the contribution page in the event page, click on View. To access the contribution management area, click on Edit. Both will be to the right of the contribution’s name.


1.1.2. Contribution Management

Once in the contribution management area you can start managing your contribution using the following tabs.

This is just a quick start guide for contribution management, for an in-depth explanation please see Contributions in the Indico User Guide. Main Tab

In the main tab, you can manage the main information about the contribution; its ID, title, content, date and time etc. You can assign the contribution to a track or a session, and select the authors, co-authors and presenters, as you can see below.

image4 Material Tab

This is where you add or manage any material belonging to the contribution. To add material, click on Add Material. You will need to upload the material (video, slides etc.) as seen below.

image8 Sub Contribution Tab

The sub contribution tab allows you to add and remove sub contributions.


Clicking on the title of a sub contribution will take you into its management area, where you can add material, change the its main information, delete it or write minutes for it.

image3 Access Control Tab

The access control tab allows you to add other contribution managers, set the access control (private, public, inheriting) and to give permission for users to submit material for your contribution.


For more on Access Control, see Access Control Policy Tools Tab

The tools tab allows you to delete, move and write minutes for the contribution.