June 24, 2021
Europe/Prague timezone

Please register!

What is ahead of us? What can you look for?

For each of you, we prepared:

  • Evacuation exercise
  • First aid handson training
  • 1 activity of your choice (registration on this site)
  • several shorter activities that you can visit without any registration

Previous knowledge/experience is not required for any activity.

Maximum number of people in a group is 15.
You will be told the number of your group on June 24 at the latest.
With your group, you will participate to the chosen activity and the first aid training (mandatory part).

Short activities can be visited individually.

Time schedule


Group No. 1-6

Group No. 7-12 


Evacuation exercise

14:00 – 15:00 

First aid

Activity of your choice 

15:00 –16:00 

Activity of your choice 

First aid

16:00 – 17:00 

Short activities, individual visits

17:00 – 23:59

ELI celebration party


Please, keep in mind that the canteen will be serving lunches only up to 13:00.

The activity of your choice – please pick one at the registration


Do you know how to put a fire out? Do it!
Opportunity to try out various types of fire extinguishers to deal with different kinds of fire.

Work at heights

How to rescue people from heights? How to rappel down? Try it!
Opportunity to see ELI from a new perspective and learn a new skill.

Hazardous chemical spill

How to dispose of an accidental chemical spill? Try it!
Opportunity to try out the chemical emergency kits that we have available.

Safe radiation

What do you know about ionizing and laser radiation?

Opportunity to

  • try finding a radioactive source using a detector
  • find out chemical composition of your jewellery
  • enjoy the small exhibition of radioactive objects
  • try on laser googles
  • find out the real power of your laser pointer

Shorter activities

  • without registration
  • can be visited any time between 14.30 and 17.00

Safe driving - BESIP

How do you see the road when you are tired, when you have had a beer (or two), a medicine, a drug? Find out using special goggles!
Try out the airbag vest for motorbike riders (recommendation: bring your helmet).
Test your knowledge of the traffic rules.

High voltage

Try to rescue a person from the vicinity of the high voltage source!
Find out how to protect yourself.

Personal protective equipment

Come to have a look, what is available for you at ELI, to perform your job safely. Try out your size!

Clean rooms - microbiology

Do you know who is living on your mobile, hands, keyboard…? Come to find out!

Safe Radiation

As described above, for individual visits only 16:00-17:00