Aug 24 – 27, 2021
Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic
Europe/Prague timezone


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1) Óscar Amaro

oscar.amaro [at]

Laser Focusing Strategies for Positron Production in Laser-Electron Scattering

2) Sagar Angadi

ianassagar [at]

Emphasis Of Laser In Avoiding Climate Disaster

3) Robert Babjak

babjak [at]

The effect of laser pulse intensity on stochastic heating in preplasma

4) Gonzalo Fernández de Barrena Machón

gonzalofernandezdebarrena [at]

Blood sterilization project

5) Arsenios Hadjikyriacou

Arsenios.Hadjikyriacou [at]

Tunable Laser-Driven Ion Beams or in PDF

6) Harjit Singh

harjit.ghotra [at]

Electron acceleration by a Tightly Focused Radially Polarized Laser Beam in a performed Ion Channel

7) Ondrej Havelka

Laser synthesis of ultra-small iron nanoparticles influenced by various liquid environments

8) Valeria Istokskaia

Valeriia.Istokskaia [at]

Scintillator-based calorimeter for online laser-plasma characterization

9) K P Jithul

jithulmadhu952 [at]

Cupric Oxide Based Supercapacitors: A Review

10) Oriza Kamboj

kambojoriza1964 [at]

Analysis and Burn-Up in Inertially Confined Non-Equimolar DT

11) Jonathan Kennedy

jkennedy51 [at]

Isolated Ultra-bright Attosecond Pulses via Non-collinear Gating

12) Martin Matys

Martin.Matys [at]

Enhancement of Ion Acceleration by Laser-Pulse Shaping via Plasma Shutter

13) Marcel Lamač

marcel.lamac [at]

Two-Colour Nonlinear Resonances in Betatron Oscillations of Laser Accelerated Electrons

14) Marek Raclavský

marek.raclavsky [at]

Multi‑pass probing for high‑sensitivity tomographic interferometry

15) Mohamamd Rezaei Pandari

rezaei.m.p [at]

Dynamics of interaction between an intense chirped laser pulse and hydrogen atomic cluster

16) K S Senthil Kumaran

sciencehistorian2000 [at]

Raman Spectroscopy as a promising diagnose for COVID19

17) Valeriia Skibina

skibina.vm19 [at]

Reactions pB11, pLi7 observing using a terawatt laser system

18) Ekaterina Starodubtseva

starodubtceva.em19 [at]

Phase space investigation of electron acceleration in DLA

19) Jan Vábek

jan.vabek [at]

Spectral filtering of high-order harmonics via optics-free focusing

20) Petr Valenta

Petr.Valenta [at]

Electromagnetic and Electron Rings in Laser-plasma Interactions