24-26 August 2021
Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic
Europe/Prague timezone

Topics & Programme


  • High-power ultrafast lasers
    • – Generation and amplification of ultra-short laser pulses
    • – High Average Power (HAP) DPSSL technology
    • – High Energy (HE) DPSSL technology and applications
  • Generation of bright coherent and incoherent X-ray pulses using short pulse lasers
  • Free electron lasers from IR to X-rays
  • Ultrafast imaging techniques with short X-ray pulses
  • Function and applications of short X-ray pulses (including synchronizations)
  • Particle acceleration by lasers and applications: proton therapy
  • Physics of dense plasmas and warm dense matter, laboratory astrophysics
  • Ultra-intense laser matter interaction
  • Nuclear physics with high-intensity lasers
  • Femtoscience: applications in biology, chemistry and solid-state physics
  • Generation of attosecond pulses: Attoscience photonics

List of Preliminary Speakers and their Talks

Plasma Physics and Ultra-High Intensity Interaction

  • Prof. Vladimir Tikhonchuk (University Bordeuax)
    Inertial Confinement Fusion
  • Prof. Caterina Riconda (Peirre and Marie Curie University)
    Plasma Optics
  • Dr. Anabella Araudo (ELI Beamlines)

Ion Acceleration and Applications of High Energy Particles

  • Prof. Marco Borghesi (Queen’s University Belfast)
    Laser-Plasma Ion Accelerators
  • Prof. Kevin Prise (Queen’s University Belfast)
    Ultra-flash Radiobiology with Laser Driven Ion Beams