Oct 14 – 15, 2020
ELI Beamlines
UTC timezone

Welcome / Join Us

Members of Visegrad collaboration within the project "Association of complementary X-ray and optical spectroscopy methods and communities" (implementation period 2020-2021) as well as scientists who are interested in using ELI Beamlines, and particularly X-ray and optical spectroscopy methods, are kindly invited to join the project kick-off meeting held online on

14-15 October 2020

The Visegrad kick-off meeting is an ideal opportunity to get a status update on relevant for the project ELI end stations, recent results and ongoing cutting-edge research carried out at ELI and collaborating institutions. This initial project meeting will be also devoted to a discussion of project goals and milestones. 

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Visegrad collaboration between IFJ PANWRCP, IChF PAN and UPJŠ insitutions has been running since early 2017 with the aim to create the fundamentals of easy and straigt-forward access to ultrafast X-ray spectroscopy for V4 scientists. The first and second collaboration rounds resulted in building and development of ELI X-ray spectroscopy end-station and V4 user community as well as extension of the collaboration by means of involvement of optical spectroscopy specialists as the methods deliver complementary information. 

The current Visegrad round will start with a 2-day meeting. In this initial project meeting, the newest update in the X-ray and optical spectroscopy fields as well as the current state of ELI spectroscopy stations will be presented and discussed. Project details and milestones will be defined, a role of each cooperation partner will be designated.

The first session of the first day of the meeting (October, 14th) will be merged with the ELI Beamlines User Conference, namely, with Panel 11. The session will include scientific talks from the leading researchers in the X-ray spectroscopy field giving the participants an update on the recent udvances and upcoming experiments. All interested are invited to join the online presentations. 

The second session on October, 14th is a discussion focused on planning scientific activities within the Visegrad round 2020-2021 as well as formation of a Consortium around the ELI-Beamlines X-ray spectroscopy end-station. The Consortium at ELI for X-ray spectroscopy (CELIXS) will include experts informed about the station characteristics and status guiding the long-term development. CELIXS will help to consolidate the development of X-ray spectroscopy at ELI-Beamlines and increase project traction by the wider scintific community. The Consortium will be gradually expanded in future to open up to other techniques that will couple to the X-ray spectroscopy. Members of Visegrad 2020-2021 collaboration round "Association of complementary X-ray and optical spectroscopy methods and communities" are warmly welcomed to join the session!  

We look forward to seeing you at the online Visegrad kick-off meeting!