June 16, 2020
ELI Beamlines
Europe/Prague timezone

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Due to the pandemic of COVID-19,
the meeting will be held as a "ZOOM" Workshop

on June 16th at 9 AM Pacific and 6 PM European Time.


Actinides in the spent nuclear fuel remain radiotoxic and emit large quantities of heat for 100,000s of years while they are stored in the deep earth depository.  Transmuting the actinides allows us to shorten the duration of the storage, reduce the volume of the storage and potentially allow for a shallow earth burial.  Furthermore, transmuting the actinides eliminates proliferation of nuclear weapon-grade materials. The societal benefit of the transmutation project is to lower storage requirements and eliminate nuclear weapon proliferation.  To achieve this mission the Laser-Based Transmutation project is divided into four pillars: (1) Laser-driven neutrons and laser monitoring, (2) Neutronics, (3) First wall materials, and (4) Chemistry.  A successful integration of all pillars can deliver a working prototype Transmutator. 


6 - 7 P.M. European Time

Georg Korn - Opening (2-5 mins)
Minister László Palkovics - Greetings (2-5 mins)
Gerard Mourou - Greetings (2-5 mins)  

Toshi Tajima - Summary of the Project (10 mins)

Karoly Osvay / Gabor Szabo  - Proton acceleration from ultrathin foils with 11 fs pulses – preliminary results (15 mins)

Allen Weeks - EU level initiative (10mins)

Georg Korn - Future Plan (10mins)

Toshi Tajima - Closing (2-5mins)



Password: 549118

The meeting will be recorded.

- The file/movie will be password protected and accessible only by invitation.
- The file/movie will be only viewable in a browser, i.e. it cannot be downloaded.
- The file/movie will not be published on YouTube or other streaming services.   


Georg Korn (ELI Beamlines, CZ)
Gerard Mourou (IZEST, École Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France)
Toshiki Tajima (Tri Alpha Energy Technologies and University of Irvine, Canada)
Andriy Velyhan (ELI Beamlines, CZ)