Oct 4 – 7, 2022
ELI Beamlines Czech Republic
Europe/Prague timezone


General Topics

  • Control Systems
    (status reports, control system frameworks – EPICS/TANGO/TINE/DOOCS/STARS/MADOCA/!CHAOS, reliability and longevity of control systems, virtual systems, control databases and other)
  • User Interfaces and Tools
    (user’s perspective, data visualization and archiving, automation tools, GUI building tools, reporting and logging tools, operator supervisory tools, mobile systems, web services, emerging interface trends from the consumer market, collaborative tools, remote or mobile operations and other)
  • Hardware Technologies and Component Integration, System Modeling and Automation
    (industrial process control, custom accelerator control hardware, accelerator specific development, DSP, FPGA, PLCs, IOC, single-board computers, interlock and machine protection, timing and synchronization, computer buses, tuning and optimization techniques for feedback control systems and other)
  • Data Acquisition and Data Storage, Data Analysis
    (commercial off-the-shelf systems, real-time or near-real-time data processing, data streams, extremely large databases, noSQL databases, data mining, machine learning, deep learning, cloud computing for controls and other)
  • Infrastructure and Networking, Management of IT Projects, Cyber Security
    (development processes, quality assurance, version control, in-time development, network design, gateways, internet connectivity, authentication, virtualization and other)

Special Topics

  • Web technologies for user interface
  • Industrial Internet of Things / Industry 4.0 / Industrial process control and hardware interfaces