Oct 21 – 25, 2019
ELI Beamlines
Europe/Prague timezone


Time Schedule

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User Workshops

User workshops

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Opening Talk

Katalin Varjú (ELI-ALPS, Hungary)
Attosecond Science at ELI-Scale

Nobel Prize Laureate Talk

Gerard Mourou (Ecole polytechnique, France)
Passion for extreme light

Plenary Lectures

Hamad Ahmed (Queen's University Belfast)
Innovative techniques to enhance ion beam energy and quality by high power lasers

Masaki Kando (QST-KPSI, Japan)
LWFA of electrons toward laser-based XFEL

Victor Malka (LOA, France)
Manipulating Relativistic Electrons with Intense Laser Pulses

Luis Silva (IST, Portugal)
Bright gamma-rays and e-e+ pairs in the collision of high density particle beams

Invited Lectures

Adam Borzsonyi (ELI-ALPS, Szeged, Hungary)
SYLOS: Few-cycle, Phase Stabilized kHz Repetition Rate Laser at ELI-ALPS

Matias Bargheer (Potsdam Uni, Germany)
X-ray, diffraction, material science applications

Rosaria Bonito (INAF, Italy)
Laser experiments of astophysical shocks: example and perspectives

Emmanuele d'Humieres (CELIA, France)
Recent progresses on laser-ion acceleration using near-critical density targets.

Fabien Dorchies (CNRS, France)
Probing warm dense matter using femtosecond XANES with a laser-produced betatron source

Christoph Heyl (GSI, Germany)
Nonlinear frequency conversion in gases scaled to extreme parameters

Dino Jaroszynski (SCAPA, UK)
The laser plasma wakefield accelerator as a versatile radiation source

Hyung Take Kim (IBS, South Korea)
Development of laser electron accelerators with multi-PW laser pulses

Katarzyna Krajewska (University of Warsawa, Poland)
Generation of vortex electrons with high-intensity lasers

Felix Mackenrot (MPI, Germany)
Nonlinear quantum electrodynamics in ultra-high intensity laser-plasma interactions

Kevin Prise (Centre for Cancer Research and radiation biology,  Queen’s University Belfast)
The radiobiology of particle therapy: challenges and opportunities with laser-based approaches

Gerhard Paulus (IOQ, Germany)
Strong-field laser physics from principles to applications

Giorgio Russo (CNR, Italy)
Radiobiology of High dose rate beams, Planning of the first ELIMED studies

Giuseppe Sansone (Uni Feriburg, Germany)
Synthesizing attosecond pulses at a seeded FEL

Marcin Sikorski (XFEL, Germany)
Impact of state of the art x-ray sources for structural biology investigations

Matteo Tamburini (MPI, Germany)
QED beyond the local field approximation in extreme laser pulses


  • High-power lasers including new concepts for high-peak-power and high-average-power generation
  • Laser-driven secondary sources of soft and hard x-rays and their applications in different areas such as bio-medical and materials science
  • Attosecond pulse generation and applications
  • Laser-driven particle acceleration including high-repetition-rate sources of electrons, protons, higher charged ions and their applications
  • Challenging the energy frontiers of particle acceleration with lasers
  • Neutron generation using high-power lasers and their future applications
  • Ultra-intense laser matter and laser vacuum interaction (high field Physics)
  • Laboratory Astrophysics
  • New societal applications of laser-driven secondary sources (medical imaging and therapy, transmutation, fuel cycles, etc.)