5 April 2019
ELI Beamlines
UTC timezone
P3 user meeting 2019

The Plasma Physics Platform (P3) at ELI Beamlines is the experimental chamber designed for performing experiments relevant to ultra-high intensity laser matter interaction, laboratory astrophysics (including warm dense matter), laser-plasma interaction, plasma optics etc.

First commissioning experiments with the phase 1 L3 laser are expected end 2019/beginning 2020. The purpose of this user meeting is:

  • to present the P3 infrastructure and its initial capabilities
  • to introduce the forthcoming L4n beamline
  • to identify urgent issues for call zero
  • to discuss medium- and long-term development for the experimental hall E3
  • to consider issues related to user-access and user-policy
  • to build the user community & social networking
  • to give the future user the possibility to shape the future of P3

The meeting is structured in several sessions:

Session 1: Presentation of E3/L3/P3 infrastructure

  • Performance of L3 laser (10 J, 30 fs, 3Hz)
  • Status update on experimental hall E3
  • Laser diagnostics in E3
  • Commissioning experiments using the L3 laser

Session 2: 2-slide presentations from users: what would I do with L3, L4n, L3+L4n

Session 3: Feedback from currently operational facilities

Session 4: Site visit and discussion on practical aspects of user participation

  • Including a discussion on forming a user advisory committee

After introductory talks describing the present capability and status of P3, most of the meeting will be dedicated for users to share ideas of future experiments. Users are invited to make a short presentation of 2 slides on how they will use the near future capabilities

  •  L3 laser 300 TW, 3 Hz, < 30 fs. f/3 or f/20 focusing.
  •  L4n laser <1.5 kJ, pulse shaping, 1 shot a minute. Can be convereted to 2w, focal length 2 m.
  • Combined use of the two lasers.

Participation is contingent on a confirmation email from the organizers.

Starts 5 Apr 2019 08:30
Ends 5 Apr 2019 18:00
ELI Beamlines
Conference Hall 1
5. května 835, 252 41 Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic.